Regulations UK


The Regulations define the rules for the provision of services by the Website: MyArtAuctions on the website operating under the main address hereinafter referred to as the Website.
The owner of the Website is the company: Symbolics Domains Ltd with registered office:
31 Rutland Street, Mansfield, NG184AP United Kingdom
The company has been registered in Companies House / UK / under the number 11189774 with which the User can contact via e-mail:  or by post.
The Website's activity is to enable Users to buy or place offers to sell products (including their own works) or to provide services to individuals as well as other business entities.
The condition for obtaining access to the functionality of the Website is to use a device that communicates with the Internet - equipped with a commonly used internet browser or with the use of an appropriate application.

§ 1
Auction participants and general provisions

Terms used in the Regulations mean:
1. Website - Website  that supports the auction system operated by Symbolics Domains LTD, which allows its Users to connect to the virtual market by sharing their resources (servers and software).
2. User - a natural person with full legal capacity, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, but able to acquire rights and incur liabilities on its own behalf (treated in the Regulations as a legal entity) which after registering on the Website , created an account and obtained the possibility of using the website (it will place its offer in the Website system or make a purchase, if it will take part in bidding for an offer), expressing the will to sell or purchase the offer it offers, as well as using the services provided on the Website, thereby agreeing to be bound by the provisions of the Regulations and provision of services by electronic means.
3. Account - the Website resources assigned to the User as a result of Registration, thanks to which he obtains access to services provided on the Website, including data entered by the User during Registration and information about his activities within the Website.
4. Registration - the process of setting up an Account by an interested entity (user, company, etc.), consisting in filling in and entering its data in the appropriate tab available on the Website.
5. Participant - is a User participating in the auction via the Website.
6. Administrator - a person on behalf of the company Symbolics Domains LTD supervising the correct, compliant with the Regulations of the course of the Auction and the functioning of the Website, considering applications of Users and approving the registration of accounts.
7. Announcement - An advertisement prepared by the User regarding purchase and sale (invitation to conclude a sales contract), handing in, exchange, job offers, services offered, etc. - posted on the Website under the conditions provided for in these Regulations.
8. Auction - this is the procedure in force on the Website described in these Regulations, initiated by a registered User, consisting in submitting an offer for the provision of services or the sale of goods on the basis of which they undertake to pay, deliver a specific good or service.
9. Minimum price - the minimum selling price of the auction item offered by the User issuing the offer.
10. "Buy Now" option - the ability to make an immediate purchase of the Auction Item at the sale price determined by the User, regardless of the Auction result
11. Auction subject - goods, products or services that are offered by a registered User on the Website.
12. Price list - List of fees set by the Website for services provided as part of the My Art service specified in Appendix No. 3 to the Regulations - available directly in the "footer" of the Website under the "Price list" tab.
13. Advertising - A photo or other graphic, as well as text content serving the advertisement, intended for broadcast on the Website pages in designated places.
14. Subscription - Set / purchase of more offers in a given period (depending on the package) at a promotional price.
Details are included in Appendix No. 3 (Price list) to the Regulations
15. Regulations - these regulations for the provision of services by Symbolics Domains LTD, which sets the terms and conditions for organizing online auctions for the provision of services on the MyArtAuctions website.
16. Agreement - a civil law contract concluded between the Supplier (User issuing his offer) and the Employer (User expressing the desire to purchase a given product) after the Auction is resolved or purchased through the "Buy Now" option.

§ 2
Registration and terms of issuing offers

1. In order to issue an offer to sell a product / product and take part in the Auction, you must register in the Registration tab on the MyArtAuctions website.
2. The User's registration process consists in filling in all obligatory fields in the registration form located on the Website:
    First name and last name
    Choosing a region
    E-mail adress
    Phone number
    Username (login - at which the User will appear on the Website)
    Password (you can leave the field empty to generate the password automatically)
    Acceptance of these Regulations and the expression of necessary approvals.
3. Confirmation of the registration message is sending information electronically to the e-mail address provided by the User in the registration form.
4. The account will be approved by the Administrator, who verifies that all necessary information and data have been provided in the registration form.
The company Symbolics Domains LTD through the Administrator reserves the right to verify and check Users' data during and after the registration process.
5. The Symbolics Domains LTD company is not responsible for any inconsistency with the actual state of data that will be provided during the User's Registration. In the case of false data, the Administrator has the right to suspend or delete the User's account.
6. The User is allowed to participate in the offer, the sale and purchase process, access to the auction after the following conditions are met:
    a) positive passing of the registration process on the MyArtAuctions Website;
    b) logging into the Website, which means each time unconditional acceptance of these Regulations;
    c) fulfillment of specific conditions / criteria set by the User issuing the offer.
7. Each User is allocated only one individual Account associated with his name (login) on the Website.
8. Registration is required only at the first visit to the Website. Further use of the Website is possible after logging into its own Account, which follows the provision of an individual login and password.
9. The User, by registering and logging in to his account, confirms that the data provided in the registration form is true and that he is aware that providing false data constitutes a violation of the law.
10. When using the services of the Website, including issuing sales offers or placing offers to buy goods on the Auction or from the "Buy Now" option, the User is obliged to use only his own login and password.
In addition, he is obliged not to disclose his password to the account on the Website to third parties.
11. The User is liable to third parties and Symbolics Domains LTD for any actions or omissions related to the use of their account on the Website. At the same time, he acknowledges and agrees that any authorization on the Website made using his login and password will be treated as made by that User.
12. The User declares that the offered by him things, services or rights do not violate the rights of third parties, and trading them is always in accordance with the law.
13. The Website Administrator reserves the right to exclude from participation in the User's auction, violating any of the provisions of these Regulations.
14. Each User may delete his account after settling the obligations to the Website in advance.

§ 3
Creating an offer

1. The User, after logging into the Website, defines the content of his offer, defines its parameters, price, contact information, delivery / collection methods and related costs. He chooses the options according to the list defined by the Website, expresses (marks) the appropriate consents and publishes it on the Website.
1) chooses the type of offer from the available options:
    Announcement (not for all categories)
    Sales offer with the "Buy now" option (with a fixed price only)
    Bidding with the "Buy now" option
    Buy now in the promotion
2) Selects the category (subcategories) for your product. In case of (grossly) incorrect assignment of a category to the product being displayed, the Administrator reserves the right to change the category without having to notify the User.
3) In the product data section, enter the title (announcements / offers / product name)
4) In the Product information section:
a) defines the parameters of the offered product.
b) Inserts photos,
c) description,
5) In the Offer details section, specify:
a) type of announcement,
b) price
c) time of issue
d) chooses whether the product issued after the end of the issue will be automatically re-issued (if it is not previously purchased or withdrawn by the User).
6) In the Promoting the offer section, selects the promotion for your product:
a) Bold,
b) Backlight
c) Distinction,
d) Main Page
You may be charged for the above services.
2. Upon the announcement of the offer on the Website, the Ordering Party shall accept the terms of these Regulations.
3. By submitting the offer, the User undertakes that the goods, services which are the subject of the submitted offer do not violate the provisions of generally applicable law, good customs, rules of social coexistence or rights and interests of third parties, including:
a) do not contain obscene or vulgar content, including pornography,
b) do not incite to hatred, in particular because of race, sex, nationality, nationality, sexual orientation, do not offend religious feelings and do not question their denomination,
c) do not propagate the ideology of racism, communism or apartheid and do not question the historical truth,
d) they do not harm the personal rights of any third parties,
e) do not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties, including the rights to the trademark or other distinctive signs as well as copyrights and related rights,
f) do not promote, encourage or instruct criminal activities,
g) do not contain information that violates the privacy of another User or third parties, in particular personal data, addresses or telephone numbers,
g) do not apply to sectarian or Nazi religious objects.
4. Offers must vary and can not be cloned (they may not relate to the same subject)
5. It is prohibited to include in the description of offers: "links" and links to other internet addresses and contact addresses (telephone number, e-mail address, GG, FB etc.)

§ 4
The course of the Auction

1. The User's identity is determined on the basis of login and password.
2. The User, after reading the Regulations, determines his offer and confirms its submission.
3. The offer placed by the User shall be binding for the end of the Auction, unless during the Auction he submits a more favorable offer.
4. Offers are placed in the order in which they are added by Users.
5. The User may submit any number of offers within the same auction, however, each new offer submitted by the User replaces his previous offer. It means that one auction may contain only one offer of a given User, however a new offer may be submitted by the User only if it is better - in terms of the criteria of a given auction - from the offer previously submitted by a given User.
6. You can not place an offer or bid for a product that you have issued.
7. The User - willing to purchase the product - may withdraw his offer before the end of the Auction by asking the Administrator to cancel it.
8. The Website Administrator may cancel the User's offer if it does not meet the conditions specified in the given auction. Then the User is removed from the list of bidders, which is confirmed by an appropriate message sent to the User by the Administrator via e-mail. In the event of such a situation, the User has the option of submitting a new offer in the auction.
9. The Website Administrator reserves the right to close the auction, which violates any of the provisions of these Regulations, or the provisions of generally applicable law.

§ 5
Buy "Buy Now" and end the Auction

1. By using the Website you can buy / sell the products issued by registered Users.
2. The expression of willingness to purchase a product displayed on the Website by a registered User is done by using the "Buy Now" button or by participating in the auction.
3. Using the "Buy Now" button sends information (e-mail) to both the User who expressed the desire to purchase the indicated item, as well as to the User who by expressing his offer expressed his willingness to sell the product specified in the offer.
4. The Website is not a party and does not mediate in transactions between the User who wishes to make a purchase on the Website via the "Buy Now" option or through participation in the auction and the owner of the product put up for sale on the Website.
5. Reconciliation of additional issues, including: contract formation, transfer of rights, payment, conditions or methods of delivery / receipt of the product, etc., takes place without the participation of the Website, which does not charge any additional fees or commissions for other activities not included in the Regulations and transactions.
Thus, the Website and its owner are not responsible for any actions and their effects related to transactions.
6. The Auction ends at the end of the date indicated in its content, unless otherwise provided for in the Regulations. The Participant whose offer was the highest at the end of the Auction will be sent an e-mail with information about its completion and willingness to purchase the indicated product / product.
7. During the auction, the User issuing the item for sale shall be entitled to end the Auction without making a selection of the offer or to cancel the Auction earlier. In such a case, the Participants are not entitled to any claim against the User or the Website for canceling the auction.
8. An auction shall be considered terminated without resolution when its term expires and no User submits an offer or none of the offers has reached the "minimum price" (if specified).
9. After the deadline ends the auction will not be accepted any further offers, regardless of the reason for not placing the offer in the auction before its completion.
10. All correspondence between Users (expressing willingness to purchase and putting up an item for sale) in this implementation of the arrangements takes place without the participation of the Website.

§ 6

1. The Symbolics Domains LTD company reserves the right to change the content of these Regulations at any time. In this case, the new Regulations will be published on the Website.
2. Each logging into the system is tantamount to acceptance of the current Regulations.
3. Symbolics Domains LTD is not responsible for the Participant's disclosure of the login and password listing to third parties.
4. Symbolics Domains LTD is not responsible for the behavior of Users on the Website, and is not responsible for the consequences of actions taken by Users and third parties that constitute a violation of the provisions of the Regulations.
Symbolics Domains LTD in particular is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of information provided by Users.
5. All paid services of the Website specified in the Price List are executed by bank transfer to a designated bank account of the company Symbolics Domains LTD or an online transfer, ie an electronic payment method via the Przelewy24 service
Electronic payments service is provided by:
PayPro SA ul. Kanclerska 15, 60-327 Poznań
NIP: 779-236-98-87, Regon: 301345068
District Court Poznań - Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th Department Gospodarczy Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy No. KRS 0000347935, share capital: PLN 4,500,000
6. You can make payments for paid services of the Website on a regular basis from the funds accumulated on your Account on the Website after its previous top up (supplement with any amount).
The maximum amount credited to your account on the Website is limited to PLN 1,000.
7. The amount credited by the User may only be used to settle financial obligations between the User and the Website and is not an interest-bearing deposit. The User may increase the amount at any time or in the unused portion by making a transfer to his bank account (after prior fulfillment of obligations and obligations to the Website) after reducing the amount added by the Administrator as part of the promotion.
8. The amount granted to the User as part of the promotion (eg granted during the creation of an account or added by the Administrator after registration on the Website) is not refundable and may only be used for fees for purchased Website services within the time specified in the Regulations.
9. The website owner reserves the right to introduce commissions covering the costs of handling certain methods of payment or withdrawal of funds.

§ 7
Options payable on the Website

The Website has paid options for using the services:
1. Adding the offer on the Website (depending on the price of the offer)
2. The fee for issuing the offer depends on the time of its issue.
3. Fee for promoting the offer in a given period.
4. The fee depends on the choice of the option at the time of its issue
a) Option to issue a "minimum price",
b) The option to issue a "buy now" price,
c) Adding additional photos,
d) "Planning" option to issue the offer on another date.
5. Subscription for companies and for artists running their own business.
6. Promoting companies in the company's catalog of companies on the Website
The prices for the above services are included in the Price List which is Annex No. 3 to these Regulations.
The website reserves the right to change the catalog of fees related to a given service and periodic promotions.

§ 8
Principles of responsibility

1. The Website enables Users to place on the Website:
Offers and your data regarding the Company or individual activity.
2. My Art Auctions does not interfere in the form of this content, subject to the provisions of these Regulations.
3. The User undertakes not to submit offers with goods the sale of which violates applicable law or third party rights.
4. The Website is not responsible for improper performance or non-performance by the Parties of contracts related to the offer.
5. The Website is not responsible for the quality or legality of the offered Goods (products or services), the accuracy and reliability of information provided by Users, as well as the ability of sellers and buyers to perform transactions.
6. The Website is not a party to the contract or legal relations between Users, resulting and directly related to the offers placed or information specified in the offer.
7. For the violation of the Regulations can be recognized manipulation of keywords in the offer, listing it in the wrong category, reservation in the content of unlawful clauses. The above actions will result in the Website taking appropriate actions, including the removal of the entire offer or blocking / deleting the User Account.
8. The website reserves the right to delete the offer if it violates in any way the provisions of the Regulations or the law, in particular when it contains the content:
- universally recognized as offensive,
- bearing the traits of unfair competition,
- violating good practices, copyrights or other intellectual property rights,
- information that harms the good name or reputation of the Website, its Owner or the Administrator or its partners, misleading.
9. The website is not responsible for:
- lack of interest in the subject of the offer,
- errors in the content of the offers,
- fulfillment of Users' obligations arising from warranties regarding the subject of the offer,
- force majeure, teleinformation systems or devices independent of the Website,
The Website has the right to delete any offer or block an Account if there is a suspicion that the Offer or Account may or may result in activities that threaten the security of other Users within the Website. Similarly, in the case where the content of the offer has a negative impact on the reputation of Symbolics Domains LTD or otherwise harms its activities.
10. In the situation where the Account or the User's activity on the MyArtAuctions website requires additional data verification or in the event that the Operator feels legitimate concerns about the Account security, in particular suspicion of using an Account by another unauthorized person, the Operator may make the use of the Website dependent on the service from credible confirmation of the User's identity.
After the abovementioned circumstances have ceased, the Website may abolish the restrictions applied to the User.

§ 9
Complaint proceedings

1. The User may submit complaints regarding non-performance or improper performance of the service by the Website within 7 days from the day of ending the issue of its offer or the day on which the issue should be ended.
2. Complaints may be submitted via electronic correspondence to the following address: using the contact form available on the Website. (pattern - at the end of the regulations, attachment No. 1)
3. The complaint should contain at least: name and surname, e-mail address of the User assigned to the Account, url address of the offer, or other data allowing identification of the offer, period of issue, circumstances justifying the complaint, as well as specific User's request related to lodged complaint.
4. If the data or information provided in the complaint need to be supplemented, the Service before considering the complaint will ask the User to supplement it in the indicated scope to the email address assigned to the Account.
5. The service recognizes the complaint within 30 days from the date of receipt of a correctly filed complaint. The User will receive information about the method of handling the complaint via electronic correspondence to the email address assigned to the Account.

§ 10
Final Provisions

1. The Regulations are available on the MyArtAuctions website in the "footer" of the page in the "Regulations" tab
2. The Service will inform about the possible change of the Regulations by placing information on the website
The changes come into effect on the date indicated by the Website. Services activated prior to the entry into force of the changes will be performed on the current conditions, further activation (renewals of the service) are possible on current conditions (taking into account changes).
3. Unless otherwise provided by law, the applicable law of the entire agreement between the User and the Website, the subject of which is the provision of services by the Website on terms specified in the Regulations, is the applicable Polish law.
4. All disputes related to the services provided by the Website will be resolved by the competent Polish common courts.
 These Regulations come into force and are in force from 01-05-2019.
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